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CAVA technical review

Compared with entertainment and commercial games, the budgets for serious or educational games are limited, as is the time needed to build, test and use these games.  However, more emphasis is placed on the pedagogical aspect of the serious or educational games.

Gagné’s “nine events of instruction” applied to games have shown us that creating effective educational games demands a great deal of time and effort, and certain conditions must imperatively be met.  The game structure has to be balanced, in terms of how challenging and creative it is.  The fun needs to be focused and the characters need to have a lot of richness and depth so as to not be easily forgotten by the students.  The game will be aimed at devices used in schools and in training sessions.  Therefore, the main device on which the game will operate will most likely be PCs, as well as online games as they are most likely to reach a maximal amount of pupils across Europe.

In order to meet the project objectives, augmented reality can be implemented at select levels.  Educational games must meet the usability and accessibility requirements, and there cannot be any elements which will stop students with visual, auditory, physical or learning disabilities from accessing the game. 

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