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CAVA partners meet with Ms Rashida Manjoo, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women

CAVA’s Belgian partner had the honour of participating in a meeting with Ms Rashida Manjoo, UN Special

Rapporteur on Violence against Women, who came to Brussels to talk with EU policy-makers and stakeholders.

The European Women’s Lobby kindly brought together 27 European-wide organisations on 21 June 2011 to discuss current political initiatives to end violence against women. The Rapporteur highlighted that violence against women remains the most omnipresent human rights violation in today’s society, and that while more activism is encouraged across the UN regions of the world, the challenge is often accountability at the national level.

Europe is considered to be a region neglected by the mandate, because a significant level of effort is currently focused on the African and Asian regions. This is regrettable as Europe’s need for the mandate, whereby any woman in the world can contact the United Nations in relation to a violation of human rights without having the need to exhaust national routes, is crucial. Ms Manjoo praised the new Council of European Convention on Violence Against Women, a new legally binding document, and urged the EU to become the latest signatory. 

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