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    Here we introduce the processing equipment and machinery we use at Nishio to create the This vertical automatic edge grinder rounds the cut surfaces of glass. When Nishio produces glass or mirrors based on plan drawings or design

    DATSCOPE - Telescope mirror grinding machine

    The new grinding machine is being used to re-make the old TRO 30 inch mirror and the three 20 inch mirrors. It will be capable of making a planned 1M

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    Mirror-O-Matic grinding machine was that all measurements and plans are done in imperial units since the machine has been developed in the United States.

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    So with the machine, I was dead set on getting the mirror completely done in 6 . Not wanting to waste my effort of fine grinding to this point, I decided to now plan to check the mirror for it's spherical curvature on a test stand.


    Amateur Telescope Maker's (ATM) Archives Secondary and Tertiary plan · Spider and Front End Astronomy, telescope making ,mirror grinding and testing.

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    Page 1 of 2 - Making my own fixed post mirror grinding/polishing machine - posted in ATM, Optics Would I even be able to figure a machine like this? I am planning to use a split clamp like you are considering.

    Lathe Grinding Polishing

    We set up and use the grinding and polishing machine with high precision for items the mirror finishing machine is less than 2,300 diameter x 10,000L in size based on the instruction you specify, and offer the most suitable machining plan.

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    Keywords: ceramic, mirror, zero-expansion, grinding, polishing, telescope. 1. . The ZPF ceramics mirror on the high-precision grinding machine. ‡ . works, we are planning to manufacture large 1-m class segmented mirrors of ZPF ceramics.

    Large Thin Mirror Making - Mel Bartels

    A grinding machine relieves the labor, but is not necessary. Your goal as a starting big mirror grinder is to successfully complete a mirror with a fine figure, not to push .. Plan on 1/2 hr to 1 hr per evening for two weeks to complete polishing.

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    A mirror making machine enables the optician to multitask as well as save their own Fixed-post machine grinding is where the mirror is on a turntable rotating

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    A telescope mirror requires an extreme surface precision. However, you will see that this quality is most of the time best achieved by hand rather than machine polishing. More info: .. google "Telescope mirror grinding machine" and you will find a few models and even plans.

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    Much is also unchanged - mirror grinding techniques are very similar to those about making a mirror - read this even if you don't plan to make a mirror, but just

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    Next you'll have to contrive a way to grind the blank round and flat. . If you plan on working your mirror by machine, you'll run into problems that will increase

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    Notes from an Amateur Telescope Maker's Journal - Part 1 Oakland, CA, USA you might want to grind a mirror for a telescope. .. Build Your Own Telescope, Complete Plans for Five Telescopes you can Build with Simple Hand tools,

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    The plan was for a 20" reflector mainly for use with a CCD camera. describe what is possible but the methods require a mirror making machine or a drill press.

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    Once I had seen a grinding machine, working at 380 Volts and weighting about the machine, capable of making 20 inch mirrors, and a CD with building plans.

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    Instead of lapping the blank by hand, Laurie Hall built this mirror grinding machine from scratch. His site has notes covering his mirror creation

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    First is to put the grinding platform where you plan on using it and put the tool blank . Grinding/polishing machines work by rotating the bottom piece (mirror or

    Grinding Machine with Stepper Motor

    I plan to use the machine for figuring the 18" mirror with a 6" subdiameter tool. If the tool's offset is controlled by the PC in the right way it should

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    For six-inch mirrors and under, a 1/3 hp motor will do. However, if you're planning on anything larger, it may be wise to install a half-horse job.

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    The mirror or lens grinding machine is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering. the different ways that light reflected off things or maybe he was planning on

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    I borrowed a few ideas from the Mirror-O-Matic mirror grinding machine, particularly for cold-working glass should have a look at the MOM web site and plans.

    Mirror-O-Matic - Dr. Debug

    Mirror grinding an polishing maching Mirror-O-Matic. foucault tester. Build a machine to grind the mirror (AKA mirror-o-matic); Buy some glass. The original plans seemed to handle up to 10" - 12" max mirror size. I tried to

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    It is very sturdy and capable of grinding and polishing 12.5 inch mirrors. 6. These plans will assume that you are using 3/4" shafts. .. the machine to change.

    Woodware: Mirror Grinding Stand

    Woodware Designs provides plans for low-stress computer furniture to be build by Still grinding your own mirror is a key skill that makes you a real telescope maker. To grind a telescope mirror by hand you simply attach a glass tool the same

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    Mike Lockwood's Home Page for Telescope Making and Mirror Making. testers, Interference test setup, Small grinding machine, Large grinding machine

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    I then proceeded to grind the mirror starting with 120 grit and ending with 5 micron grit. (14) Take your time and plan out your telescope design and construction telescope when he was a boy from discarded farm machinery and car parts.

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    Indeed, between 15, he imagined machines to grind and polish telescope mirrors, which, at the time, were made of bronze. Unfortunately, it seems

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    Amateur Telescope Maker's (ATM) Archives · The ATM Secondary and Tertiary plan · Spider and Astronomy, telescope making ,mirror grinding and testing

    Telescope Mirror Making Machine - YouTube

    This is a full-custom design first inspired on the polishing machines A sample --and quite simple-- video of Vitastra's mirror making machine. telescope mirror grinding / polishing machine with tachometer - Duration: 1:34.